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15. The End of Life on Earth (The Final Extinction Event)

extinction event
 An imaginary painting of an extinction event

We have seen in a previous section that some stars at the end of their life fail to convert gamma rays to light; and instead of giving light, they fire very powerful gamma rays.

The dead sun was from the same family that the current sun belongs to. They both were born together, grown together, and made from the same chemical composition. So it is expected that this sun, at some time in the future, before the end of its life, to fire gamma rays at earth. But unlike gamma rays that hit the earth nowadays from distant stars, the sun is a very near star, so the effect will be devastating.

At that time, earthquakes of very huge magnitudes will take place everywhere. The earth will be torn apart. Pressure of gases inside the mantle will increase dramatically causing the earth to expand and mountains to collapse.

Countless number of small islands, like the ones we have seen in the pictures of Pakistan and the Red Sea, will be formed.

Tsunamis will happen very frequently. Volcanoes will throw rocks of very huge sizes; destroying buildings, roads, and anything they hit. Those volcanoes will not be limited to the Ring of Fire only, but will cover the entire earth.

Even though the second sun was from the same family as the current sun, the two suns are not exactly the same, and that is why one of them already died while the other is still alive. According to theory, the main sun will expand as a red giant up to the orbit of Earth; and it will consume Mercury, Venus, the moon and Earth; and then it will shrink as a white dwarf. This scenario cannot be ruled out, but if it happens, it will be only after the events mentioned above.

The Sun as a Red Giant Star
The Sun as a Red Giant Star; it is supposed to expand up to Earth

The second sun caused the so-called Great Dying, and the current sun will cause the same. It is the final extinction of life on Earth. That is the END.

The full report in a single page
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